5 Outdoor Movement Activities For Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

5 Outdoor Movement Activities For Children With Autism Spectrum DisorderFresh air does a lot of good for everyone, especially children. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who are undergoing therapy can benefit greatly from some fun activities out of doors under supervision. Movement is a crucial tool used in special education to help children with ASD. Moving outdoors gives the therapists and the children a bigger space for bigger movements and elevated energy levels.

  1. Obstacle Course

The difficulty level of the obstacle course can be decided based upon the challenges and abilities of the child. Slides, stairs, play tunnels, pool noodles or even side walk chalk can be used to create some fun obstacles for the course. Adding activities like crawling, jumping, or dribbling a ball are highly recommended for this.

  1. Marching Band

When working with a small group of children, this is an apt activity and if the children enjoy being loud, it’s even better! Scour up some play instruments or help the children make their own from readily available materials. Create your own marching band routine and line the children up with their instruments encouraging them to be as loud as they’d like to be.

  1. Hide & Go Seek

This is a great game indoors and out of doors. The game helps children to stay calm even when they are alone, help them understand and follow the rules of the game while interacting with the other children. These are some of the skills that need special attention when it comes to children with ASD.

  1. Follow The Leader

Get the children to line up behind a chosen leader. The leader would act out some actions and others would follow his/her actions. The child who doesn’t follow would sit out and the game can continue with a different leader. This game is great for improving social skills and motor skills in the children with ASD.

  1. Bubbles

Blowing up bubbles is fun and not just for children. Add some aroma to the solution and experiment with different hoop sizes. Blowing, chasing, and popping bubbles are a beneficial set of activities for children with ASD as it helps improve sensory and joint attention abilities. Adding aroma to the bubble solution adds another sensation to the lot making it even more interesting.


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